Runescape3 studdering/Lagging?

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Toy Horsey
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Toy Horsey

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Type of client used: Runescape NXT
Operating System (Windows Version, Mac OS Version, Linux Version): WIndows 8.1
Laptop/Desktop: Labtop
Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-5200U CPU @2.20GHZ 2.20 GHZ
Graphics Card: Not sure, (Intel) R HD Graphics 5500
RAM: 6.00GB

Started a couple days ago, There has been alot of this studdering?
When I go into god wars 2. The fps will drop, and the game will freeze /studder/ mess up.
It only happens at certain times, or when I do certain things in the game.

In the grand exchange, The game runs normally. But once I go to gwd2, The game start (studdering, lagging very awful bad, even on the lowest settings?), and freeze up. ( I actually tried fighting vindicta on the lowest quality, but then it froze up, (and I died, but i was in practice mode)

(It mentioned on my labtop, that one of my display drivers stopped working? But I've never had this problem before, or whatever this studdering/lagging is)

On runescapes developers console, it says Memory at 1456 MB,
and Disk cache, at 284 MB, ( it's in red, not sure if something is wrong)
I'm not even sure what is causing this. Everything runs fine in grand exchange though. I guess.

Also, I am getting a new pc build soon, But just want to see if my labtop can be fixed or something now.

Update: I think, It may be fixed. My disk cache has fully downloaded. Maybe that should stop the studdering. Gonna leave this open for awhile, see if i can do anything else to improve runescape gameplay.

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Jagex might've treaked something in the game that isn't working well with your graphics driver. Since we can't change the game we might be able to help you tweak your computer to make things work.

For the messages about the display driver not working have you tried checking for a graphics driver update? You can check for a graphics driver update by visiting Intel's support site. However I see you have a CPU typically found in laptops and laptop manufacturers often customize the Intel graphics drivers for their laptops. If you have a customized graphics driver then Intel might not offer a graphics driver update or even if you find an update then it might not install. You might need to check your laptop manufacturer's support site for a graphics driver update, instead.

You can try submitting a bug report about this issue using the in-game reporting system. The team that works on bug reports usually doesn't check here for reports. This forum is supported by the community meaning regular forumers like you and I.

The disk cache is usually 5 to 8 GB. One GB is about 1000 MB. So, your disk cache is unusually small for some reason. Playing while the disk cache is small is known to cause performance issues with the game. It shouldn't cause the graphics driver to reset/crash but it can cause stuttering. You can try going out to the lobby and checking the cache. It downloads the fastest while at the lobby or login screen. The cache should start downloading at a faster speed. You can wait until you have about 5 GB of cache and then try playing again. If the cache stays small and doesn't download then you should try deleting the cache that you have and starting over.

26-Feb-2019 17:43:00

Toy Horsey
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Toy Horsey

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The display driver thing I've always had a problem with, but never interfered with runescape like this. I've always normally played.

The disk cache is fully completed now, and now is green. Now I can fight vindicta actually without studder and lag, but I'm still worried. Nothing has happened yet. I think it's okay now!
Just needed time to actually load in the login/worlds screen.

Thanks for your help!

26-Feb-2019 17:52:09

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