nxt on low end computers

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Regarding the future development of the runescape-launcher-nxt, i would like to ask, to keep in mind, that some players, like myself, wish to see support for low end systems.

Back in the day, RuneScape was the perfect game to play on lowbudget-linux-systems, because it was so low on memory and cpu usage.

Please Jagex keep the support for nxt on those low-end-systems.

27-Jan-2019 16:15:42

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The game runs decently already on low-end machines. Like my laptop, for example, only has an Intel HD integrated graphics chip and runs the game very well on low settings (with a few things turned up to medium).

If you're talking about very old machines though. It gets tougher to support them. Many manufacturers of hardware eventually drop support for older stuff. For example, a machine with a very old graphics card finds they no longer receive any driver updates. This can cause problems in the future as future bugs will not be addressed and fixed, which in turn leads to problems with other programs it might try to run. You find yourself with problems that just can't be fixed because no one is supporting them.

The harsh reality when it comes to technology is things eventually get replaced and forgotten. You eventually fall behind if you don't try to keep up. You don't have to upgrade to the newest tech every year, but if you've been using something for say 10+ years and notice it's no longer doing things you want properly, it might be time to make that upgrade and have something that'll last another 10+ years.

Computers are not permanent purchases, one computer won't last you forever. You are expected to make changes to it whenever it's needed. You may even need to replace the thing entirely after a while.

As time moves forward and new tech comes out, the low-end that companies aim to support changes as what's low-end and high-end changes over time.

That said, Jagex will aim to support low-end machines as much as they can. Just remember that the low-end changes every so often as new stuff comes out. Eventually the low-end of today will become ancient and forgotten tech, replaced by the new and more recent. That's just how it is unfortunately.

27-Jan-2019 17:09:30



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Bare in mind that Intel is setting up a major GPU R&D center in India with 1500+ employee and have reservation for significant expansion, not only that it will be devloping the hardware (discrete graphics card), it will also be making much better driver for Intel, and may possibly have much longer graphics driver support when compared to what Intel does now.
Intel will be making discrete graphics card in 2020 starting from Gen12 graphics, Gen11 integrated graphics that will be launched by the end of 2019 will also be significantly enhanced, its performance level will reach that of AMD Vega8/ Vega10
So what I want to say is that Intel graphics will be more powerful and receive much better and longer driver support in the future
So Jagex may not optimize and maintain the outdated Intel iGPU if they are very different

furthermore, due to the Chinese knowledge theft being taken down through jurisdiction (the state sponsored technology stealing that Chinese government sponsored to steal memory technology from Micron (U.S.), Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese ). The Korean tech giant no longer need to prepare for future price war to survive against the Chinese knowledge theft, the price of memory (DRAM and NAND) had now started to decrease, when DDR5 is released in 2020, 16GB and 32GB RAM will become mainstream
This is contrary to the previous few years where the DRAM makers have to make extreme profit to prepare for price war that the DRAM was very expensive and 4GB/8GB was the mainstream when you are purchasing new computer for the previous 2.5 years
4GB RAM is not enough for NXT, 8GB RAM is more reasonable, but now I dont think that Jagex will be optimizing for lower RAM computer (reducing RAM consumption) because they will simply tell you to upgrade when it is so cheap
and when NAND is now so cheap, Jagex will not make NXT run better on HDD, a 500GB SSD is cheaper than a 2TB HDD and 256GB SSD can be cheaper than a 1TB HDD

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From your forum signature
Playing runescape-launcher-2.2.4 on Chromebook Intel Celeron @ 1.60Ghz x 4 Intel HD Graphics 400 (Braswell) Coreboot Bios Debian GNU/Linux buster/sid Gnome WayLand

Braswell 's integrated graphics is purposely dumbed down when compared to mainstream integrated graphics, it has very low clock speed that it should be even slower than the mainstream low end integrated graphics (GT1) which is found in Celeron Gold/Pentium Gold
let alone GT2 integrated graphics which is even more powerful and can handle NXT very nicely in lower setting

28-Jan-2019 02:42:04

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