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before i find my Telekinetic Grab just in my magic book but it change with a update i think and now i really can't find how to do a Telekinetic Grab. pleas help. i realy try evrything but still nothing. its just gone i only have the two first skill all the rest in gone i really need help

28-Jan-2019 17:49:16



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I don't have a solution for you but you need to post more info. Are you playing OSRS or regular RS? If you are playing regular RS/RS3 then what user interface are you using- legacy or the new interface?

28-Jan-2019 20:36:45

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Hi runiske

Please see my reply on your other thread here.

For future reference, you should only post one thread about a particular topic, and avoid grave-bumping/derailing someone else's thread.
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29-Jan-2019 13:23:05

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