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Eyem, while its great you wish to assist your fellow players with their skilling, this thread is mainly a giveaway thread. These sorts of threads aren't ones that can be posted on the forums any longer after a recent update to the FSR for this forum earlier this year:

No giveaway-only threads are allowed here. This means no drop parties, no in-game giveaways are to be advertised here. You may advertise your event and give prizes away as part of that event, but due to the high number of scams and no-show hosts you may not post solely about any prize giveaways, and you must make no mention of what prizes will be available. To be clear, you may post that prizes are being given away, but you can't state what they are and your event must be about another activity, not just the giving and receiving of wealth!

Events forum specific rules

Essentially this thread is for a giveaway and as per the above statement from the forum specific rules, it has been closed. If you are wanting to give away items, I'd recommend hosting an event ingame which might have prizes at the end, rather than a forum based giveaway.

02-Oct-2015 04:54:57

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