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I'm afraid not, you can't get it if you're not there when they give them out (they will sometimes try multiple times during the event, to give them out - and you can only receive one per event, so that works fine); this can make it difficult when multiple groups are doing something at the same event (such as in a Minigame, while the JMod has finished their game).

I hope you have better luck with the next event you attend. : )

06-Oct-2018 02:33:51

Mod Lee

Mod Lee

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After each of my events, not only will you get an event card - you will also get a love letter for the achievement! So make sure that you attend my events on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday! :)

11-Nov-2018 20:41:01



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Mod Poerkie

Valentine's Day - Jmod Love Letters

Hey All,

It's valentine's day and if you haven't found/bought a GF for 100 GP yet, I'll be handing out Jmod Love Letters in-game!

When: 15:00 Gametime for about an hour
Where: Lumbridge Church
World: 2

Any chance a J-mod will include a F2P world for this?

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