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Hello everyone, and welcome to my post about my new random event. I'm going to start hosting treasure hunts on World 2 where I take a chest I got from a quest, fill it with money, and bury it somewhere. If you would like to join my treasure hunts, you can message me in-game or join my friend chat. I'll be hosting these events at random, but I will announce when I'm starting the event. This is something new I'm trying out, and so far it's been fun.

How to Play: Just join my FC and wait for me to announce that the event has started. (If you would like to host an event of your own in my fc, feel free to do so.) All you need is a spade and a little bit of luck. I'll be hosting this event once a day. When I announce the chest is burried I'll tell everyone the area where it's burried and then it's your job to locate it before someone else does. Once the chest has been found it's up to the player who found it to open it and claim the reward. Finding my chest is like winning the lottery! :D

- Players must have a spade.
- Players must be a member.
- Players must be on World 2 to receive the key.
- Players must have accept aid turned on to receive the key.

- Anywhere from 1gp to 1,000,000gp.
- Various items that are fun or useful. (All items are sellable on the ge.)

Remember this is new to me, so give me a chance to learn and evolve my little treasure hunt into something we can all enjoy. The time of the event is going to be my random choice, but I will announce it in my fc's name everyday. I've already burried over 500k in test runs, but only 100k was succesfully claimed. Each time I hid my treasure in the Grand Exchange. That's about how big of an area I hide my treasure in. Good Luck finding my treasure! Muahahahahahaha.....
Contact me in-game, my private chat's always open.

07-Jul-2015 06:26:57

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