Compensation for missing hh

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I and sure mostly of the players who where awake the night of 2nd may at 1-2 AM game time Want a compensation for the lack of happy hour. Me and lots of people wait until 2AM game time waiting for they happy hour and nobody can't play it.
I want to reclaim to the moderation some kind of compensation for this lack of happy hour. Is we follow her horaries it will have to be a happy hour this time.
I demand in that thread some comensation like 250 extra tokens or an extra happy hour to enjoy whoever wants.

02-May-2017 10:07:03

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I get the frustration I was there but there's no reason they should have to they dont even have to do hh so just be thankful they do and he did cut his rl event short to come host 2 straigh hours of hh that im guessing you missed....

04-May-2017 16:33:51

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