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Magnus Main
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Magnus Main

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Does anyone remember the world events of the 2013-2015 era? The Battle of Lumbridge where we gathered tears to earn renown for Saradomin or Zamorak. The Bird and the beast where we spent half our time running around and Tuska where we banked ridiculous amounts of agility xp.

Am I wrong for wanting an event to be more than just a way to get bonus xp and protean boxes for the next dxp weekend? The game's forward progression into a new era seems to have halted while there are now seven gods (may be more) who could bring destruction to Gielinor.

Let me know if I'm alone in wanting something new, the Mining & Smithing rework was a great start so why lose momentum. Keep pushing forward to give everyone a reason to band together again for a cause. Replace mini-games that no one plays with mini-games that players can actually enjoy like Guthixian Cache or Sinkholes.

I don't know I might be alone in wanting more from the game that I'be played since I was nine years old and sole goal in life was to achieve 99 woodcutting. I just think we need to cut away the ivy and start bringing back the excitement that we once had. Let me know am I right or just a blundering idiot... probably the latter.

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2 issues:

1) They were technical dev sinks.
They were a lot of work for a 1 off event. (sure the war priest armors and combat abilities stuck around, but most of the event themselves went away)
WE3 had the added insult of the devs rushing it and then getting pulled off to work on Mazcab Raids, leaving us with what felt like an unfinished event (imagine what we did backing in H'ween 2018, just "more complex" ... )

2) The 3 events were glorified popularity contests
the devs actually were glad with the way things ended. otherwise, they would have had to do a lot more dev work (ie: Zamorak now in control of Lumbridge, some degree of "world destruction" for Tuska).
also, the way Zamorak lost and Bandos died, and even Tuska, players like to feel like they are in control of their own story line.

09-Mar-2019 01:24:53

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