Bday party 4 gr8 Oddmund

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Hi :)

I am hereby announcing a massive birthday party for my great friend Oddmund tonight! You are all invited!

Oddmund is a true runescaper that has killed monsters from Kharidian in the far south to Wilderness in the far north! Rumors says he has killed the all mighty Kalphite King and fished lobsters to give to the poor! His adventures are massive and his experience in this game truly amazing! He believes in the knowledge and education which can be gained from the game! Over the years he has been a master for all noobs wanting to become real heroes! Today is our chance to honor this great man!

The event will take place at Peter's in Fally. 14 April, 8 pm GMT. World: 16.

Expect generous drops and sweet drinks from Tree Gnome Stronghold! This will be the party you never forget folks!

After Pete's we will take a visit to Draynor to fly some kites and hear a speech from the Wise Old. We will end the great night at Duel Arena with some massive fights. After all, Oddmund is a bloodthirsty killer when he gets the opportunity!

So suit up and make some cake! You may also bring your pets as well since Oddmund is a true friend of the animals! And of course, do not forget a proper gift as well!

Cya! :)

13-Apr-2019 21:23:55

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