August A-Z of Events with WS

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For all of August Wolfscape are doing the A-Z of Events, our only day off is Wednesday for Penguins

All events 8PM Clan time (7PM Game time) World 24 meet at Edgeville lode for attendance events 1 hr MAX

1st Saturday A: Armadyl

2nd B: Barbarian assault

3rd C: Corp Beast (in bronze)

4th D: Dungeoneering

6th E: Evil Tree

7th F: Fight Pits/Arena

8th Saturday: G: Great Orb Project

9th H: Heist

10th I: Imp hunting (puro puro)

11th J: Jadinko Lair

13th K: Kalphite King

14th L: Livid Farm

15th Saturday M: Mobilising armies

16th N: Nexus

17th O: Obelisk training (summoning)

18th P: Portables Training

20th Q: Quest Day

21st R: Rat Pits

22nd Saturday S: Soul Wars

23rd T: Trouble Brewing (treasure trail back up)

24th U: Unicorn Killing Contest

25th V: Vinesweeper

27th W: Wildy Warbands

28th X: XP (bank skilling)

29th Saturday: Y: Ykr'ee (Demon flash Mobs)

30th ZMI Alter

Feel free to ask Questions but all are welcome

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