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Of Anfield

Of Anfield

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Welcome to the new Gem Competition fc ChallengeGem.

The point of this fc is to unlock titles and be competitive against other people. Challenge Gems allow players to start their own challenges. Winning 10, 25 and 100 challenges gives the titles: the Victor, the MVP and the Real MVP while losing 10, 25, and 100 challenges gives: the Loser, the Struggle and the Real Struggle. Taking part in 10 challenges gives the Contender title. Participating in a challenge gives a challenge shard to keep track of the score.

13-Jul-2015 16:31:05

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Much appreciated for the FC my friend. When things start to die down with raids and beach event, I'll check it out :). "
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15-Jul-2015 02:26:16

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