Double Exp Weekend Agility % ?

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I have a question as it's been quite some time since I played. Guess I'm lucky to rejoin this close to a double exp event. :)

- I read up about a Demonic skull item to get more agility experience in the wilderness course (I'm lv78 agility so that'd be nearly +100% exp bonus).
- I also know there's a penance horn that doubles your experience (again +100% exp)
- and of course the double exp weekend (again +100% exp).

If you stack all those up, would you get +300% bonus exp (so quadruple the normal experience you'd get) or do some of the bonuses cancel out the others?
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18-Aug-2017 09:09:32

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Hi, Rt Promeet!

I for one am not 100% sure, but I will say this, some of the things like altars for an example do not stack for the XP boost whilst on DXP so maybe this will be the same because you're right 300%, and that would be pretty insane XP even for 3 days! But I may be wrong and this may be the case sir,

Personally I don't think it'll be like that and some of the bonus will be cut but only one way to find out my good friend! Role on the 15TH of September :-D
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It wont work with agility... and if you do abyss rc trainning you will only get a 600-800 more xp demonic skull during double xp isnt worth it. You will just get pked for your skull.

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