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Runefest is rapidly approaching, and with this year’s 'Back to our Roots' theme it's set to be the definitive IRL RuneScape experience.

We've been teasing out our Varrock Stage sessions on Twitter, and here's the full set. Whether you’re joining us on the day or just following us on the live stream, here’s when the latest and greatest Runefest content is happening:

  • 11:00: Welcome to Runefest | RS Mobile

  • 12:00: Streamer & YouTube Creator Q&A

  • 13:00: Old School – The Next 12 Months

  • 14:00: RuneScape Reveals

  • 15:00: The Golden Gnomes

  • 16:30: Break

  • 17:30: Deadman Tournament Finale

  • 19:00: The Dark Room

  • 20:00: Break

  • 20:30: After Party

Interested in an in-depth look at a specific area of our games? The Circus Stage is the place to be:

  • 12:00: Art & Audio Showcase

  • 13:00: RuneScape Skilling

  • 14:00: The Old School Quiz

  • 15:00: Break

  • 16:30: RuneScape Combat

  • 17:30: RuneScape Lore Marathon

The Golden Gnome Award categories are confirmed, too. Look out for more info soon on how to nominate your favourite content creators.


  • Video of the Year (combined)

  • Best New Video Maker (combined)

  • Best Video Maker (RS, OS)

  • Best Streamer (RS, OS)


  • Best New Streamer (combined)

  • Best Streamer (RS, OS)


  • Best Artistic Creation


  • Most Creative Cosplay

  • Best Cosplay

We've added this information to the Runefest Website. Check back there regularly for more information, and keep an eye on the Runefest Twitter and the RuneScape News.

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Jam-packed schedule, woop! Mysterious Dark Room as well.

Though the Golden Gnomes seemed to be focused on media and there's a lack of 'best irl creation' and the usual 'community champion' one.

Edit: There is a 'best creation' but it was under the 'streaming' heading xD
Edit 2: It'd be cool if Jagex gave out some Gnomes to players who aren't necessarily expecting them.. maybe for some wacky things like 'highest number of cabbages picked' or 'most dedicated player'
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Was already hyped as hell for the Lore Marathon, but very excited to see there's an Art & Audio panel!

Nice to see a Creative Cosplay category -- only one Art category is kinda disheartening, but oh well, I'm still definitely gonna enter!
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OSRS reveals in front of the main games reveals? Speaks a lot about the direction of the current main game.

I am guessing the Varrock Stage will be on live stream and the Circus stage will be off camera but recorded for youtube?
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sounds pretty naff tbh...
RuneScape Reveals and possibly The Dark Room is all im interested in

hoping RuneScape Reveals is whats to come and stuff to look forward too in future
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