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Hey guys,

TL;DR; We are unfortunately having to move the Dimension of the Damned finale date once more. The new date is Saturday, 18th November at 8pm GMT (Game Time). Please read below for the reasoning why.

Thank you for everyone who has shown patience so far with Dimension of the Damned, and our first date change announcement. In that post, we mentioned that the game mode wasn’t yet up to scratch and we were working to make it perfect. While that is still the case, I wanted to provide a little information as to why, and how we’re tackling it.

One of the biggest problems that arose for us here is that a PvM focused tournament means a finale that needs to be much more finely tuned in terms of a fair and balanced environment. At the moment, we’re currently working on our culling system – a feature that means you can’t just hide in the game world to wait until the time runs out. In order to avoid being culled, you need to make sure you’re still scoring points and fighting the zombie hordes to maintain your place in the leader board and avoid the periodic culling.

While, as a balancing mechanic, it works nicely, we ran into a lot of problems to make this work within the game. Mainly, using our current hi score system has meant almost entirely re-writing how they work, due to the game needing to get information from the DotD every minute, rather than only taking the data when you log off. Additionally, during development, we found several ways that this system could be abused, and are adamant to make sure none of them make it through to the game mode.

Additionally, as one of the first fully fledged tournaments for RuneScape, we want this entire project to have the right amount of testing and QA time, something that we’re not willing to skimp on, in order to make sure your enjoyment of the mode is the best we can provide.

I can assure you all that none of these date changes were made lightly. The previous change also left many people with little time to actually prepare, which is another reason we’ve allowed more time with this alteration. We want this game mode to be the absolute best we can provide, and we hope you understand the need for this extra time.

We’re aware some time will have passed before the finalists get back into the game mode, so we’ve expanded some prize brackets, and added in an extra Top 10 reward:

Top 1000

For the top 1000 players who get into the finale, the title "the Damned"

Top 50

•  The final 50 will receive a special Dimension of the Damned-style pet in the main game.
•  As well as previous rewards

Top 10

•  The Final 10 players in Dimension of the Damned will be named on a statue in the normal world of RuneScape (in-game for 2 weeks)
•  They will also receive a year of standard membership
•  As well as previous rewards

Top 5

•  An all expenses paid trip to visit Jagex
•  Gold Premier Club membership (for 2018)
•  As well as previous rewards


•  200M GP
•  Lifetime Membership (first year of Gold Premier package)
•  Unique Title - "King/Queen of the Damned"
•  Real-life Zombie Award
•  As well as all previous rewards

Thank you once again for your patience – we’re excited to see the finale of Dimension of the Damned come to everyone and look forward to watching it with you all on the 18th November!

The RuneScape Team

02-Nov-2017 11:34:49

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..are you ******* serious? in 2017 you guys have been on razor thin-ice with the community with these unacceptable delays! ..and you've now bumped this one back twice as even more of an insult to your rapidly dwindling community!

You might as well cancel the finale now, I think your gonna possibly lose %40-%50 of people who were in the Top 1000 when the finale happens.

Your trust numbers now are damn near fatal.

02-Nov-2017 12:12:06 - Last edited on 02-Nov-2017 12:12:43 by dxthelb

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Are you serious??? QA team really test your creations before releasing them? Once again you're moving the date foward because you couldn't make things right BEFORE releasing them for the players. Holy ****...

Well, fine. Can you at least let people who played and completed the tasks get the cosmetics? This isn't going to influence in nothing to the final. Just release them for the players already.

Also, if this is going to take ANOTHER 2 WEEKS to happen, you could reopen the DotD servers (as they were on qualifies or even with the new mechanics you're planning to change) to play freely until the finale date. We finalsts are already 2 weeks without even touching this the game mode anymore and there's people who liked DotD idea and would surely play it 4Fun again.

02-Nov-2017 12:16:50

Xenon Ray
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Xenon Ray

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Well you guys have already shown that now you can give lifetime premier memberships from OSRS's new competition, I think with all this delaying you should bump up the winner's prize to lifetime premier as well...
RNGesus loves me this I know, for Vindicta tells me so!

02-Nov-2017 12:22:21

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Id rather its delayed and comes out right. I do think it should last longer than the current plan. Maybe double the time. Instead of culling every 5 minutes would it be possible every 10 minutes or less people each cull. This will give people more time to get to some of the better resources for a real chance. I imagine the trip to rune rocks would mean being culled if you did** encounter any zombies along the way. The mist i assume will cover the rune rock early on so a good amount of zombies out that way would be good. Cant wait to play it on the day in any case!:)

02-Nov-2017 12:30:53

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