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It's been a while hasn't it? We haven't had a Jagex ran Clan/Skilling Cup since 2015... and we thought we should get one going again, albeit in a pilot format.

What is a pilot you ask?

In essence, it's a trial run for a potential future format (skilling cup only while at the same time delivering a fun experience for clans and giving all clans an opportunity to win) - if this goes well then you can expect more!

So let's jump into the details and how this is going to run!


From the game update of date still to be decided the Skilling Cup will begin, this will be focused on the Agility skill.

As is the case with past Jagex Clan Cups, you will have three attempts throughout the week these sessions can be started via the interact op on your Clan Vexillum item, the sessions can be abandoned and restarted at anytime.

The session lasts one hour and during that time we will track base experience ONLY to make sure the cup is as fair as possible for all clans participating.

How does my clan enter?

Previously we've asked you to post on the forum to enter a cup, this will no longer be the case! The only pre-requisite is at least 10 clan members need to have submitted a session score, the data will be sent to us automatically and I'll take each clan's top 10 highest players and combine them into a total XP with the highest clan being our winners, this is a much improved process which should make determining our winners and distributing the rewards much more quickly!

This means a clan with 500 members can't win by sheer XP, it's all down to each clan to be as efficient as possible!

Additionally, if you're 200m Agility XP not to fear! Your session XP will still be tracked :)


The following methods will be blocked:

- Should you world hop/disconnect your session data will be lost and you will have to go again.
- Silverhawk Boots XP gained won't contribute to your skilling cup session XP
- Use of brawling gloves
- Quest, Distractions and Diversions, and minigame rewards and buffs (examples include, rocks being handed in, Temple Treking tomes, etc)
- Dwarven tools
- Experience gained with Bonus XP.
- Any experience lamps or reward books
- Agility dummies
- Endgame catalyst & magic carpet XP
- Collector's Insignia
- Hefin VoS
- One time XP reward for Apmeken Mask
- Daily challenge XP
- Barberry Bush
- Seren's Symbol
- Livid farm encouragement to Pauline

The following methods will be allowed:

- Demonic Skull (Massive risk vs reward here), additionally the Wilderness Sword 2 5% xp boost will work
- Charming Moths
- Any form of traditional agility training
- Serenity Posts
- XP from Barbarian Fishing
- XP gained from the "Leaping Urchins" at Waterfall Fishing
- Perfect Juju Agility Potion

How can I see my Clan's progress?

We won't have hiscores for this, but I'm more than happy to gather your Clan's data provided you've hit the pre-requisite above, when the cup is over, if you're not in the top 10 let us know and we can try and generate your clan's results!

If the level of interest is high enough we can investigate much better methods to track clan progress, but no promises!


For this cup, we've done some quality of life improvements to hopefully make the process smoother.

- Added a buff icon which displays the exact time in your session remaining, you can also hover over the icon to show your current sessions XP so you no longer have to check your Vex mid-session (because who wants to XP waste right?)
- A broadcast will be sent to your Clan when you start your Skilling Cup session this could lead to clan members giving you advice or cheering you on!
- And another broadcast will be sent once your skilling session has finished, this broadcast will tell the clan how much Agility XP you got during that session and how many attempts you have remaining for the week.


And of course, we have to get to the rewards, here's what you can expect!

- 1st (winners!) - Access to the Crystal avatar, clan stickied thread in recruitment and 12% xp boost/100% faster capping, and a specific player title that displays their clan name for a month.

- 2nd to 10th (runners up): Access to the Crystal avatar and 9% XP/75% faster capping for a month
And that's pretty much everything! If you have any questions, please ask away and I'll answer them when I can. I can't wait to run this for you all and I hope you all have fun and enjoy it!
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Clan List said:
Mikey Dude said:
Clan List said:
Interesting. :)

Love the idea and most of the rewards are great as well but i see a potential problem that may happen..

- 1st (winners!) - Access to the Crystal avatar,
clan stickied thread in recruitment
and 12% xp boost/100% faster capping, and a specific player title that displays their clan name for a month.

Having any sort of clan thread stickied in a clan recruitment forum is a bad idea as it will give an unfair advantage to other clans trying to recruit/and or favoritisms. This has happened with many groups in the past within the events forum as well as dungeoneering back in the day. Some of these stuck threads were forgotten about and held the sticky once the time period ended on them. I am wanting things to remain fair for the various clans that use the forums and recruit actively, I speak on behalf of several clans that have already contacted me already about this concern.

perks of wining it tho, if your scared you cant recruit cos of a stickied thread, u need to step up ur game and win :P

My clan is not participating for the reasons i have highlighted, If you read my post carefully i mentioned that there was several other clans that had the same concerns. For this reason we will not be participating as we do not want to give ourselves an unfair advantage over other clans that are recruiting within the forums. :)

The recruitment prize has been a stable of clan cups for the last 3 - 4 years, I'm unsure why this is an issue now?
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