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Looking forward to it!
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22-Nov-2018 18:32:37

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Mod Shauny said:
Clan List said:
Mikey Dude said:
Clan List said:
Interesting. :)

Love the idea and most of the rewards are great as well but i see a potential problem that may happen..

- 1st (winners!) - Access to the Crystal avatar,
clan stickied thread in recruitment
and 12% xp boost/100% faster capping, and a specific player title that displays their clan name for a month.

Having any sort of clan thread stickied in a clan recruitment forum is a bad idea as it will give an unfair advantage to other clans trying to recruit/and or favoritisms. This has happened with many groups in the past within the events forum as well as dungeoneering back in the day. Some of these stuck threads were forgotten about and held the sticky once the time period ended on them. I am wanting things to remain fair for the various clans that use the forums and recruit actively, I speak on behalf of several clans that have already contacted me already about this concern.

perks of wining it tho, if your scared you cant recruit cos of a stickied thread, u need to step up ur game and win :P

My clan is not participating for the reasons i have highlighted, If you read my post carefully i mentioned that there was several other clans that had the same concerns. For this reason we will not be participating as we do not want to give ourselves an unfair advantage over other clans that are recruiting within the forums. :)

The recruitment prize has been a stable of clan cups for the last 3 - 4 years, I'm unsure why this is an issue now?

There is no issue, He just knows his clan wont win and getting upset over it ;)
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22-Nov-2018 23:29:42

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I am really looking forward to this. I've only just created a clan so I'm not hoping on winning the actual cup, but I think it should help greatly with the community spirit!

Thanks Shauny!
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27-Nov-2018 10:49:51

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