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For the second beta in a row, I am not able to open the link for the beta itself. Please, for the love of everything, let me know if there's anything I need in order to open it

04-Aug-2019 01:52:35

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So it seems knives aren't as OP as they 1st seemed - against high hp targets cbows with ruby bakrimenal bolts quite easily match their DPS without the need for messing with an ability bar, and have slightly better AoE too. That said, for lower hp targets with relatively low defence, knives still outclass everything on the same tier for single target damage (at least for small (1 tile) targets) - of course for such things AoE will often be preferred anyway though. Can't augment knives either which is another minus.

Warhammers outclass everything on the same tier when fighting clusters of enemies - doesn't even need to be large groups for that matter, but the more targets the better, the 100% damage AoE cleave effect is just too much for anything on the same tier to compete with when it's more than 1-2 targets at a time. Highest practical is t60 currently, highest possible is t88 but I think it's mainhand only?

Javelins for normal AoE are in a similar scenario to warhammers but also have a glaring issue vs large targets - for large targets it hits once for every square populated by that target between the target square (always the same corner of a mob) and you. This can result in utterly insane single target dps as well on bigger targets. Highest practical is t78 (2h), highest possible t88 (mainhand only but can use any t92 offhand and still get effect anyway) but that's still high enough for it to outdo all other weapons when used against larger targets from their east (or north? I forget which corner square it is based on) side.

Most others either trigger so rarely (e.g. critical hit reliance) or are fairly minor buffs so they don't really stand out as anything all that special.

I do quite like the warhammer/javelin/knive effects, but some parts are definitely too much
Javelins shouldn't be hitting large targets multiple times if they're intended as just AoE - some targets can be hit as many as 5 times per javelin! 3 times is already simply too much.

04-Aug-2019 02:04:13

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Can you make "AoE" effects only occur on crits, have a limited number of additional targets, or make the AoE damage only 25% of the damage to the main target, theyre way to effective at removing mobs.


I know Halberds already have the advantage of having a range of 2 tiles, however some 2 tile range melee weapons like Mas*ta count as a spear thus benefit from both being a Spear AND having 2 tile range.

I think Halberds that aren't classified as other weapons should get some effect (not a great one), like if you run to attack something, you deal an immediate 50% weapon damage (uses your accuracy so it can miss). You must not attack anything for 3s to activate it again.

Two problems with maces:

1. Off-Hand maces are significantly underpowered compared to their main-hand. Most off-hand weapons have identical effects to the main-hand, yet off-hand maces have only 1/3rd the effect (50% vs 150%)

2. By wearing cheap but high prayer bonus equipment you can gain a damage bonus comparable to expensive power armor, which de-values end game DPS equipment.

I think maces should have a different effect, but still involve prayer. Examples:

-Critical hits restore prayer equal to 1% of damage dealt (similar to 2Hs but prayer instead of LPs). Restores 2% if dual-wielding.

-When you take or deal damage, there's a 3% chance (5% with dual-wield) chance of gaining a "Blessed" buff for 8s. While Blessed, your combat prayers are twice as effective. Example: While Blessed, Piety grants +16% melee damage instead of 8%, and you gain +16 attack/defense levels for accuracy/armor instead of 8. You lose Blessed effect early if you switch weapons.

-Maces do +5% more damage each, but you lose prayer points equal to 10% of the damage dealt and lose the 5% damage bonus if you run out of prayer bonuses. Great if you have plenty of prayer points to spare.

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since phased practise mode will seemingly never come. would it hurt if you guys put death darts in the supply shop to emulated phased practise mode.

my clan really wants to learn vorago but were not the best at it and we always struggle with phase 5.
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04-Aug-2019 18:42:25

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Thank you guys for postponing the update! I hope you guys weren’t too discouraged by some of the feedback on reddit and the forums. I know a lot of it was not constructive and even less was kind. We do want and need this update and so of course we want it done right. People are often too quick condemn or develop premature opinions without testing it out.

If you want this update to be a success than address these three concerns:

1. Many of the suggested effects are just our DPS buffs and don’t actually fill any niches. Which means that one weapon will be superior to the rest and the others will become dead content. I think it would help if Jagex listed the weapon’s intended niche alongside the effects. I know that kinda ruins the the fun of testing but it seems to me to be the lesser of two evils.

2. Second, is balancing. After testing some of the weapons in the beta, even the ones that are meant to fill a certain niche are surpassed in DPS by other weapons out of their niche.

3. SwitchScape. The fire spells, Earth spells, Throwing Axes, Spear, and more all increase SwitchScape. **** SwitchScape. This is easily resolved by effect taking * amount of time being equipped before activating.

I personally don’t have a problem with SwitchScape as long as it doesn’t become an absolute must for PvM.
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06-Aug-2019 19:38:21

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I personally don't have any interest in more SwitchScape, and can't be bothered with even more variations of setups required for certain things. The changes seem cool/different and all, I just won't be participating at all and will be sticking to what I always use. If the reason/concern for implementing this is lack of diversity in combat - maybe you should focus on abilities and animations of these abilities (for example, nearly half of magic abilities are me pumping my fist in the air. Super lame.). Or perhaps make abilities give different buffs/effects depending upon what weapon is being used, as opposed to scrambling to give weird bonuses to the weapons themselves. Just a thought.

08-Aug-2019 06:34:24

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PLEASE change the Defender into an actual UTILITY instead of a bad dagger.
Chance on taking a hit, to block the attack like it does right now, but instead of using it to poke a 7, wich looks terrible by the way, have it cause DEBILITATE to the enemy.
OR........ give us back the STR!
Like it was in the golden age, defenders could give you a beastly damage buff to mainhands.
25% is the same as the defender currently does, so please.
It probably gives a damage boost already, but it sucks. Put all the damage over to the mainhand.
(It is obvious to me that EVERY change you do should also affect legacy mode.
-After all, this is a fun update!)

...............currently doesn't do **** besides act as having to click a bit more when casting dumb abilities that are also the only thing you need to do to kill some bosses.
^As stupid as it sounds.
-I would like to see shields having high damage reduction.
Because shields literally make you live trough getting attacked by anything that doesn't burn you or drown you, and other crap that we also do not have in rs.
And ofcourse, chance to fully block an attack, and/or make a bubble around the wierer that absorbs some damage.
In fact you should make Resonance an ability that you can use trough right-clicking on ALL shields. (Or something else like Shield Slam where you smack your target in the face! Causing their next attack to hit themselves instead. This could be added to the defenders aswell, Quick-Stab!!)
If you have any ideas at all I'd be so happy because I LOVE shields, but using them at the moment is allmost as painful as the day you dropped the EOC (End-of-Combat) nuke on our asses.
(Don't make proccs 1%, whoever you are thinking 1% is actually useful. Can that guy leave Jagex please thank you.)

And thanks. For helping me burn all my time so I can die faster. And helping me get rid of my money too.

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richgar2 said:
Why is unarmed combat still not improved? I would prefer if the person could choose between punch or kick.

In my opinion, certain gauntlets, vambraces, and gloves should increase the punching damage and specific boots should raise the kicking damage. Right now, some of those equipments give a relatively poor armour bonus.

09-Aug-2019 18:42:21

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