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It doesn't seem like the OP has been around to update what Jimsun and Kwc9sc found earlier this year nor has he posted on the thread since January 2013.

This is a type of thread where an active OP is essential.
5-x, I know that you have been diligent in keeping this thread in play, so to speak. Would you consider recreating it to make it easier for it to be maintained?
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09-Jul-2014 20:53:07

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It seems to me, that with this thread being only 5 pages long, it doesn't have to be recreated because everything can be easily found, and the thread has some valuable posts. I'd rather not steal it. For now I'll stick to bumping the thread and/or adding newfound old threads.
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28-Jul-2014 09:26:20

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Seeing as this thread is not one which is active, its been locked.

5-x, gravebumping the thread every number of months without there being any sort of activity on the thread really isn't something we should be doing. Additionally, at the time of writing the majority of the content on this thread is out of date, as many of the threads listed here are no longer ones which are on the forums.

As Twillow has said above, you are welcome to recreate the thread to keep it both active and up-to-date, however bumping it when it is very inactive every few months really isn't something that should continue.

22-Mar-2015 18:14:15

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