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Country name: Union Of Yuktobania
Country Type: Peaceful
Government Type: Republic
Ruler: President Mishura
Civilians: People of the Union
Population #: 250,000,000 (250million)
Economy: Capitalism
Currency: Amero
Troops # (No more then 35k): 35,000
Types of Soldiers: 20,000 Normal soldiers, 5,000 NEU(Navy Elite Units) 3,000 Super Soldiers, 5,000 reserve, 2,000 Black Ops

Military Tech (weapons and defence): Particle Cannon,Super Soldier, M1A3A*rams MTB(main battle tank), Missle Defense, Sattelite Nuclear warheads
Anything else you want to add: Power too the people, no one man countrols the country, ran under 3 branches of government,checks and balances too make sure no one branch of government has more power then the others, elected president,only uses military for self defense

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