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I just drank the bottle, I can't read a thing right now o.0

How cool would it be if dogs had a hand on the end of their tail?


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Hello The Illiof

Please do not gravebump inactive threads, especially ones like this that have not been posted on for almost 1 year. That pushes legitimate threads off the first pages. [/plum]

Please note what some J-Mods has stated regarding gravebumped threads:

Mod Infinity said:
It's difficult to define, but I'd apply common sense to the situation really. If it's majorly out of date, or it's been months since the thread has been posted on, I'd avoid making a post on the thread.

Mod Neena said:

[Name removed] - Thanks for posting but it looks like this F-mod was following procedure. Grave-bumping isn't something that we encourage. Thanks.
We'll let you skip puzzles when you let us skip bosses. ~Foxxie

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