Slay, Summon or Sell?

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Hey everyone!
This game is fairly simple!
Basically, you are responding to the person above. A person shall give three Runescape NPC/Monsters. The respondent must then answer with either 'Slay', 'Summon', or 'Sell'.
So for example:
Player 1: Guthix, Bandos, Zaros?
Player 2: " Slay Bandos, Summon Guthix, Sell Zaros.
Chicken, Cow or Rat?"
Player 3: "Slay Chicken, Summon Rat, Sell Cow.
Ogre, Green Dragon or Hellhound?"
So on and so forth.
1. Abide by Jagex rules/Code of Conduct!
2. Only use Runescape monsters/NPC , which means no one real-life please!
3. If you do not know what/who the monster/NPC is, please look it up! It's a good way to expand your Runescape General Knowledge!

Have fun everyone!
Let's begin!
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