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##Hey Guys, Thank you to everyone who bumped the thread! Due to some personal reasons, I was unable to post and maintain the thread. i was expecting to have to remake it, but I don't! Ya'll saved me a ton of time. I thank you.##
Hey Forum Gamers! iRitualist here with my first Forum Game in a very long while.
This is a relatively old forum game I used to play years ago on this very forum. Simply there is a curse coin, its a very pretty gold coin. Everyone wants it, but no one knows that its cursed. So a lot of things happen to the holders of the coin, and in the end, they lose it, or their lives.
Here is the point of the game, you get to decide the fate of the above poster.
So, for example:
Poster A: I haz coin!
Poster B: A greatly out of tune piano falls onto [Poster A], they drop the coin, and I pry it from the unconscious hands.
Poster C: Ice burst [Poster B], they die an are teleported to Lumbridge! I loot the coin.

Get it?
Keep it clean.
You cannot decide your own fate (no posting twice in a row, unless accidental double post)
KEEP IT TO RS ITEMS, LOCATIONS, MONSTERS (page 51 monster is ok)
Only Bump if past page 7.
All Forum Rules apply.
Have fun! Go Crazy! Make it elaborate as you want as long as you end up with the coin in the end!
I am walking in lumbridge and see this spectacular gold coin on the ground. I pick it up.
-what happens to me? You decide... Go!-

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Through your extreme clumsiness, you fall off the bank, and land on a drunken guard's spear. You die of impalement, and I pry the precious coin from your cold, dead, hands. I teleport to The Ice plateau....

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Funny things so far!
So I was wandering an I saw ye with that coin... and I'm like "NOOO ITS CURSED!" I run towards you to save you and to destroy the coin. Just as I get there, the Odd old man appears and asks for a game? Caught in surprise you drop the coin and are teled off. I know the coin is dangerous, so I pick it up and start trying to figure out how to destroy it... I then realize I have the coin, and something bad will happen to me...

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Out of knowhere an Army of 20 Men armed with Light Machine Guns come Marching Towards you. You start to panic. You charge at the men with almighty courage But they totally inilate You. Unfortunatley you Die, And lose the Coin.
I Approach your dead Body and T-Bag it for a while. After a Long time of T-Bagging your dead body i decide to Pick up the Cursed Coin. And await my dreaded Fate.

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