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10-Dec-2017 23:36:04

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The best thing to do is report them in game at the time so your report captures evidence. If that wasn't possible, you can email
with any info that you have and they will investigate it :)

11-Dec-2017 04:12:14

Ms Toxicity
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Nopolon, welcome to the forums. :)

I appreciate that events in-game brought you to the forums today but using the forums to complain about the conduct of another player is not welcome. For this reason, your thread is now closed and the opening post removed.

The best (and only) way, to deal with a situation like this, is to report the player, soon after the event, in-game. Your report will capture a brief snapshot of all recent interaction, including completed trade screens and chat window dialogue. This is the only evidence that Jagex accepts.

Sadly, because there is nothing more that can be done via the forums, please avoid posting this topic again. For more information to avoid such a pitfall again, I recommend that you read the Scamming prevention guide page of the Support Centre.

Looking forward to seeing you post again. :)

11-Dec-2017 12:55:10

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