Castle Wars (for Ard. task)

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Hello Love
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Hello Love

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I'm trying to complete the "Artillery Strike" tasks for the Ardougne achievement list, but the Castle Wars lobby is about as empty as a high school calculus classroom on Christmas morning. I'm creating this thread in the hopes that there are some folks hoping to either (1) play some Castle Wars to help a brother out or (2) play some Castle Wars to complete their own achievement list or (3) accomplish both.

We'd need a minimum of four players. Feel free to comment on this thread or DM me in game.

Hello Love

10-Nov-2018 16:00:16



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Hello, I have been sitting in world 24 for a while and also 59. I really need help with the Ardougne Hard task... for Castle Wars. If anyone can help me.. add me in game and pm me. Dark_W1tch :)

05-Jan-2019 23:10:16

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