Brimhaven Agility Arena

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Does anyone actually play the Agility Arena game anymore? It seems I am always there on my own or with my partner. The rooftop courses are incredibly tedious and barely comparable for xp value. I loved agility on RS3 and equally on OSRS. It's always a lot more fun when others play the mini game alongside, so it would be great to hear from people who still play Brimhaven Arena!

11-Jan-2019 12:20:23

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I canít say Iíve heard of anyone going to the agility arena for years. As you said, the company rates do not make it an attractive way to train, and the other rewards arenít (I canít remember if thereís a reward that is limited just to that arena) worth the effort either.

People may go there for an occasional 99, 120, or 200m agility party, but thatís really it these days.
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11-Jan-2019 18:24:23

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