The Death of the Jedi and Sith

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T^T man this brings back memories.....seeing some of those names cull ,scarpa, elf, big blue fox, blackwar

was honestly never in to the whole star wars thing but proud to say i knew quite a few of those people back in the day at the league meeting and such
(formerly a jotf councilmen myself)

01-Mar-2012 05:06:12

Friah Tuck

Friah Tuck

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Wow so many old faces on here...
'The Last of the Jedi' back in 2002 was THE place to be...
I still look at the times I was forum banned during the sith/jedi flame wars and smile at the memories.
Love to you all

19-Mar-2012 09:20:31

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Good Old Friah tuck... I may have a proposal for you...
I will contact you later

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21-Mar-2012 23:32:15

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