Name taken by "Bot" - Help?

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I've recently started a clan with some friends and the name we would like has been taken by a name bot. My understanding is that these bots search and take names - both usernames and clan names, and then sell them to players?

I have the account name of clan "owner" which is clearly a bot.
Is there a way I can get around this?
Please advise.


31-Mar-2016 10:31:10

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'fraid not. If a name is taken, its taken. It doesn't matter who has it.

There may, at some point in the far off, distant future, be a sweep of inactive names of clans - similar to what happened with the player names release. However no time scale on it currently.

How many are in the clan ( with the name you want)? You say its clearly a bot, could it be an inactive player, whose name was taken ?

Seems like your clan has a great name already ;)

Kera x
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31-Mar-2016 11:34:59

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