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When I try to enter my Clan Citadel I get a black loading screen then I am instantly logged out of the RuneScape client.

I know this is a long standing issue, however I was able to bypass it on Friday by switching from World 64 to World 6.

Today I am not able to enter the citadel on any world.

I have done the following:

Changed to lower graphics settings
Updated GPU drivers
Disabled loading screens
Reinstalled client
Switched worlds
Taken off all worn items


My wife and I hopped worlds about 12 times (completely closing client and re logging) and eventually it let us in. Once on World 24, and once on World 116. This is a really annoying thing to have to do, just to enter the Citadel.
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Is this an issue for the rest of your clan members, or just you and your wife?

Most of the time, this issue is resolved by hopping worlds (which you did, a lot), unless there's a current issue with instance shard worlds, the servers Citadels (and some minigames) are hosted on.

Also, it's possible that this issue only occurs while on the (Legacy) Java Client, or only on the (current) NXT Client. If you're using one or the other, try switching to see if it makes a difference. While I highly recommend using NXT, it might be worth checking out if the issue exists on both clients for you.

If it's an on-going issue, be sure to submit a Bug Report and include your Clan's name in the report for Jagex to take a better look at what's going on. If other members of your clan are having the same issue as you, include that in the report as well.
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