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I know that as a player maxes the lure of XP rewards for doing citadel becomes useless. We might expect clan pride or the bragging rights to having a tier 7 citadel to keep people doing the citadel 'chores.' But for most that's not enough.

The problem as I see it is time. Most people only have a certain amount of time they can play the game and have to allocate that time towards their own goals and what they perceive as rewarding to them be it XP, GP or just FUN.

Citadel is lacking in all three areas. There is XP but if you are maxed in the skills available at citadel the XP isn't going to get you to work up there.

GP there is no monetary or 'drop', title, fashion or other reward for doing citadel.

Fun, well like many things in game citadel is a grind and if there's no reward for the grind it just isn't fun.

So how to solve this and keep clans active and interested. The proposed XP rewards would be a help. Also possible choice of reward for achieving tiers of fealty.

1. XP rewards as outlined by English King
2. Time reward: As you get fealty stars you would complete citadel chores faster and get the same XP, but use less time doing Citadel.
3. Rewards: Titles such as Three Star, Fealty Rich, Clanpletionist, etc.
4. Fun: Social citadel work perhaps like Coop Slayer where you and clanmate would complete fealty faster if done together.

5. Allow avatars to be called by a player with fealty without having to go up to citadel to call it. Add it to their 'PET' list but only if they have 3 fealty stars. If they don't have fealty they would have to go up to citadel to call it.

Any of these changes would make citadel less of a CHORE and BORE and encourage clan participation.

I also agree with English King that it would be useful to be able to check players' citadel status without hopping around worlds.

29-Sep-2017 19:52:29

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