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Firstly - BUMP!

Now that everyone has been notified again, and not forgotten; let's get back to the topic at hand. =) I know that I haven't been active on here in years! And not on this account either. I want everyone here to know that those ideas are perfect, and maybe @ModShauny can throw his clan vex around, and get these rolling. As someone coming back and capping in my clan, I would like to personally see these three things from above:

1. Co-op clan bosses - which reward slayer XP, and small, though meaningful drops that only cap 3 clan members can take part in. To go further with this idea, perhaps can only be run 3 times a week, but still, a fun boss that can tie the citadel with overworld Glelinor. This boss should be challenging, but scalable in case your low-level members want to take part. It should provide a challenge at any level, and be unique. (That's what players love about this game).

2. Clan pride clothing - that show your level of dedication to the clan and provide something new. Clothing could simply be a separate vex or cape, or even boots of some sort, but it should be given to the highest contributors (maybe top 5% or something reasonable), the XP boost could scale (as English said), and should follow the player to overworld (Like it does currently)

3. And my final reiteration is - that English had some great suggestions. To finally point out my favorite one, being a clan agility course. This one is so nice because the only way to hit those middle levels is to grind at the watchtower in NE Yanille. That is not only boring but highly click intensive. Maybe adding an agility course inside the citadel so that clan mates can not only train this skill but chat while at it.

That's my piece to reinvigorate this feed and help motivate some action. By that I mean, we're looking forward to more clan updates! Basically, clans need to be social again. I remember when this was a very social game. Oh, and finally, clan wars should be more rewarding :)

26-Dec-2018 18:43:10

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