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Vannaka 1992

Vannaka 1992

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Please && Thanks for your time!!
i think i have found the right thread to post this in, if not Sorry, you can move it.

so curious hard question, other than a regular clan page with the regular info on it, such as mine TheTitans. There used to always be a option for a 2nd page to go into more detail on a clan's history and more general info, accomplishments, etc. and maybe even some images uploaded, I assume page was run by the clan leader, which I'm not, just ranked member.

If you guys were around back then, I know the last time I definitely saw it was probably 2013/14. Is this page gone now? Gone for good or just hidden from public cause its "old-data-info"? If so would it be able to be dug-up?

I just want one last look at my own clan's cause it was in depth with some good details of our history and I wanted a screenshot or two of it =/

Please && Thanks for your time!!

21-Nov-2018 01:38:01

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