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Please && Thanks for your time!!
i think i have found the right thread to post this in, if not Sorry, you can move it.

so curious hard question, other than a regular clan page with the regular info on it, such as mine TheTitans. There used to always be a option for a 2nd page to go into more detail on a clan's history and more general info, accomplishments, etc. and maybe even some images uploaded, I assume page was run by the clan leader, which I'm not, just ranked member.

If you guys were around back then, I know the last time I definitely saw it was probably 2013/14. Is this page gone now? Gone for good or just hidden from public cause its "old-data-info"? If so would it be able to be dug-up?

I just want one last look at my own clan's cause it was in depth with some good details of our history and I wanted a screenshot or two of it =/

Please && Thanks for your time!!

21-Nov-2018 01:38:01

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This is the right place to ask. :)

There's two places where clans can host forum threads. One is the private forum section on their Clan Page, and the other is the public forums, which is where we are right now.

Forum threads that are posted in a clan's private forum are found at the bottom of their clan page. These can be made public, or be kept private so that only clan members can view them. When I open the clan page for TheTitans, the private forums section is empty, which means there are either no threads posted there, or they're only viewable to clan members. Threads posted here will automatically be deleted for inactivity after 14 days if no new post are made. If they are stickied, the threads will last indefinitely.

If the forum threads you're referring to were posted there, they're either private that I can't see, they were removed for inactivity, or deleted by your clan leader.

Forum threads that are posted in the public forums have a maximum lifespan dependent on the forum section they're in. Once an inactive forum thread gets pushed beyond Page 50, it is deleted forever. This is why people frequently "bump" their threads to bring them back to Page 1 of the section they're posted in.

It may be possible that the thread you're referring to is still out there somewhere. Without a Quick Find Code or thread title, it is impossible to say for certain. However, I did search for your clan's name as a thread title as well as your clan leader's post history with no results.

If the thread is as old as you remember seeing it last (2013/14), it is most likely gone for good. :( I'm sorry that I couldn't help you find it, but I hope I gave enough information to answer your questions.

Personally, I lost the screenshots of my clan's first recruitment thread from 2013, and I'm still quite upset about losing that part of our history, so I have an idea of how you feel :(
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