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Welcome to the Zero Fear Gaming Clan!

we are a new clan as of the moment we are PVM, until we are fully built enough we will eventually move to PVP.

here are the rules :

Rules & Regulations are in place and enforced not to restrict or subdue your enjoyment in the clan, but to aid in protecting and benefiting both yourself and your fellow clan mates.

1. No Item scamming/Gp scamming/luring

This can be done numerous ways, either through failing to split PvM drops, or by not returning items that have been entrusted to you. Doing so will result in a kick/ban as well as +1 to the Global Blacklist.
Clan members are not allowed to ask for lends without collateral in the Clan Chat. Collat can be sold if the item is not returned within 2 days.

2. No multiclanning.

Joining other friends/clan chats is acceptable to the extent that you are not joining clans with a large foundation, no matter how similar or different they may be. Clan chats such as Pest Control, Blast furnace, etc. are acceptable.

3. Don't crash other people.

While it may have happened to you before, (& If it hasn't, it eventually will) it does not account for crashing another person whom is bossing. If majority of the worlds are taken, be patient, hop around & try to find a free world. Alternatively, if you are crashed you may call upon the clan chat for an anti-crash, or leave and find another free world. Remember, it is never worth the drama - no matter how aggravating it is.

4. Be Respectful!

Keep in mind that what you say to each other can affect others in different ways. Clan jokes and banter is perfectly acceptable - know when to take a joke, and know when to stop. Alternatively, be respectful outside of the clan chat, what you say and how conduct yourself outside of the clan is a representation of the clan itself, so play nice!

5. Have Fun!

Above all else, this clan aims to bring us all closer together as one big PvM family, so I implore you to enjoy your stay!

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Please State your information :

Runescape Account build (Main, Berserker pure, Pure, Range Tank)

Current Runescape Username:

Current Combat Level:

Total Skill Level:

Defence, Range & Prayer Level:

Any previous Clans?
>If yes please post a resignation on their forum thread.

How did you find out about ZFG Pvm?

Will you actively bump forums?
(doing so among other things will contribute to your rank)

Note: ZFG PvM checks all applicants' names against the RS Justice Global Blacklist before accepting, and we encourage all other clans to do so too!

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Calm Enigma

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Hai, unfortunately the Clan Central section is not the correct place for recruitment threads. From the terms used in your thread is suspect this is an OSRS clan, in which case please recreate your thread in Old School Clans. If you happen to be an RS3 clan, please repost in the Clan Recruitment section that best fits your clans requirements/ purpose.

Btw, posting TS addresses (or any other sort of offsite url) is not permitted on the RS forums so the post above has been removed. If your recreate this thread, you may mention you have a TeamSpeak but please do not post the address. Thanks :)

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