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DivineLord said:
Thank you for the reply, Mod Shauny, however I have done this on multiple occasions to no avail. Upon pressing the leave button while in the citadel, as I mentioned above, I'm given a 3 minute timer before the citadel is "Evicted". I've tried both waiting out the timer as well as leaving on my own accord, the clan persists.

In my first image posted, there's a chat message with "WARNING:" which is the prompt shown after attempting to disband a clan whilst in the citadel. I even tried waiting approximately a day since my first attempt, assuming an update may "push" the clan towards deletion with no luck.

Should I just wait for the build tick to roll over to eliminate the security measure preventing me from disbanding my clan?

I forced myself into your clan and have removed you, the clan should be disbanded now :)
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05-Dec-2018 16:07:39

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Hi Imortl69,

Just a quick forum tip: It's better to create a new thread, rather than post on an old one, to get help for an issue. If your issue is covered in another thread, you can reference it in your post by using the Quick Find Code. Alternatively, in Clan Central, you can use the ? Clan Help ¿ Thread.

Regarding your post:
I can see that you are currently a Recruit rank with 0 Clan XP in your clan, so I assume your issue has been resolved.
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17-Dec-2018 18:33:37

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