Can't leave clan - help?

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Hi, I recently joined a clan, but since I want to join another one, I want to leave. I've looked up online how to do that, and it says you need to click on 'clan chat list' and that there is an option to leave there. The only thing is, I can't seem to click on this icon. It just does nothing. All the other icons go to 'clan chat' and 'friend chat' and all that, but the 'clan chat list' one does nothing. Can someone help me?

01-Mar-2019 09:19:07

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Are you trying to leave a clan is RS3 or OSRS?

(This forum is for help and advice with clans and the clan system in RS3. Your RuneMetrics page does not show that you a member of a clan in RS3)

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01-Mar-2019 16:56:02

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Hi HedaMorrigan,

I can see that you're not currently in a clan.

If your question is in regards to leaving a clan in OSRS, try asking for help in the OSRS forums.
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01-Mar-2019 20:21:55

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