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31-Jul-2019 04:44:58

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"They do not respond to emails"

That's because you've actively ignored my previous 5 times I've told you to use this link which will send them a message that will be ticketed properly and they'll get back to you.

You already mentioned you've reported them to the police already. What the police are going to tell you is that this is a civil matter at best and the first course of contact is actually getting in touch with them (in an official manner that is actually looked at).

You're also misatributing a lot of what happened. Jagex have not closed any of your threads, or hidden any of your posts. Forum moderators have, and that's because you told me to fuck off at least 5 times. Posts that actually complained about the issue weren't hidden at all. At this point, you're just looking for attention.

I'm glad to see you've complained to the bank however, seeing as they're the ones who've charged you an overdraft fee, so you at least followed one thing I said in your mad ramblings.

You are entitlted to a refund to the membership that begins on August the 8th if you choose to pursue that prior to it starting, the overdraft fee however is none of Jagex's legal responsibility.

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Hey there,

When starting a new subscription by credit or bank card, you enter into an active rebilling agreement (automatically recurring subscription). When your membership runs low, Jagex will attempt to top up your membership when there are around 3 days of credit remaining from the previous payment. Check out the Subscription Terms and Conditions for more on this.

If you are not interested in continuing to be a remember, you need to refer to the Cancel Recurring Subscription support article for details on how to cancel the recurring payments and, if you have not used any of the credits that were automatically billed, check out the Refunds support article to find out more information and reach out to Billing Support for additional assistance.

In the future, if you wish to only have one month of membership paid with a credit or bank card, the process is to subscribe with the desired card, verify the credit has been applied to the account, then just follow the instructions on cancelling the recurring subscription. Simply cancelling the recurring subscription would not remove any credit applied to the account or reverse the transaction - it would only stop another payment from being taken when your membership credit expired.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done from the forums on these types of issues, which is why any other threads on this issue are likely to be closed.

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31-Jul-2019 05:50:51

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No wonder why you're living with a bank account that empties monthly. Various forumers have tried to help you by providing advises. But, you have been ignoring them and keep ranting about Jagex. If it was a mistake that your account was charged 7 days before the due date, follow the link provided to get in contact with Jagex.

The "I am a victim" card isn't helping you much because all I have seen so far is an idiot.
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31-Jul-2019 05:55:22

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Again, this thread is closed as a duplicate. You received advice on your thread in the Community Led Payment Support Forum, which you chose to ignore and flame those attempting to help you.

If you have issues with the actions of Forum Moderators, then you may use the Forum Moderation Review thread, to ask for a review of those actions.

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

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