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Jack Flac

Jack Flac

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That they shut down Darkscape after abadoning it only 3 months in.

I look at all the updates DMM in OSRS gets. If we had only got a fraction of the attention they have gotten it would have been amazing.

But nope. They left it as this bug infested mess. And they only bothered punishing players for massive exploits because the rest of us made noise. They actually laughed at us and told those abusers after it was closed that they were lucky to get off with not getting an XP transfer. If it had been RS3 they would have been perm-banned on the spot.

Showed how much they actually cared about the game. Considering the sheer amount of XP some of them gained from that glitch they should have all at the bare minimum gotten a force roll-back on their accounts. As it was the most those select few that were punished got was a 2 week temp ban, which was nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Didn't ban the botters, didn't punish the bug abusers, didn't fix the damn glitches present from day one.

Instead they abandon us 3 months in only to show up 3 months later saying, "sorry, but we're shutting you down. Have a worldwide zombie and boss spawn month as a consolidation closing event."

Yeah, thanks for that. Was real nice of you Jagex.
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