Summer event 2019

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Solo Wesjuuh
Jul Member 2019

Solo Wesjuuh

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I think its pretty nice especially for ironman like me. got from 13 herb to 46 today :) its rlly nice to just click every 5 min and gain xp xD
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30-Jul-2019 00:00:20

Jan Gold Premier Club Member 2008


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At the end of one of the livestreams mod shauny said no beach event this year.
He said no one liked it being repeated every year.

The only time i know everyone complained was the year that all 3 came

the spring fayre
the beach event

I thought everyone like the beach but seems like we wont be having it this year.
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31-Jul-2019 03:49:33

Molly Weazly
Jul Gold Premier Club Member 2008

Molly Weazly

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Apparently we liked it on the survey last year. It tied for second or third place.

But on the recent Dev Q&A they said they might bring it back if they could make changes to it so that it wasn't just copy/paste.

No one really seems to be protesting the Beach being removed, but I think people just not checking the news don't realize and think it still is coming. =(

31-Jul-2019 03:55:18

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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0ld Nite said:

Or is this skill off thing all we get this year? Cause if so, thats pretty crap, just saying

The Skill Off is pretty crap ineed. The amount of skilling needed a day to get all the rewards (only two rewards? seriously?) compared to similar events is way too high. Only using a bond to double the amount you gather makes it more doable, but paying 20M for getting those two rewards seems a bit crazy.
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31-Jul-2019 10:52:23

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