SO MANY BOTS iN OSRS.....Thread is locked

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17-Jun-2019 22:42:41

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Your concern about bots is appreciated. However, the Forums (and especially not the General Forum for RS3) are not the place to report bots. You should do that in game.

Your in-game reports do work, just not right away.
From Mod Infinity: Original message details are unavailable.
The ICU team is 7 JMods strong and they work tirelessly to keep both games free of cheaters. You can help by continuing to report suspected bots to us. :)

From Mod Matthe: Original message details are unavailable.
Report them. Your reporting helps us track them down - they won't get banned immediately as we want to investigate their game play, learn what the bot there are using is doing and where they are being used to farm stuff too and then ban all those involved. But report them - it really helps.

From the most recent Support Stats:
”Please remember - your reports are really useful, so please do flag suspected bots in game to us”

How to report a player
And for OSRS, you have the additional Macroing Report Form, that you may use to report.

No matter how strongly you feel about bots, neither abusive language nor derogatory comments are welcome on these forums. Which is why your post has been hidden.

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