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I think with the release of Big Game Hunter (BGH), Jagex has taken a step in the right direction. For a long time, many skillers including myself had asked numerous times for high level game contents that did not contain combat and BGH has satisfied my wish.

However, we want more! There could be more to high end skilling activities.

BGH could be more fun being played in team, not only solo. In bossing, rewards come as rare weaponry and armor. The same thing could be done for skilling. Equiptable hunting tools such as spears, arrows. Skilling outfit such as hunter camoflage, etc. I'm only discussing Hunte atm because I'm very interested in the skill. But more non-combat skills could be developed into more high end / rewarding non-combat contents.

If Jagex can do this, I believe they will bring a new era to RuneScape!
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