Rune pickaxe vs dragon pickaxe

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Hi Leonardo,

I would definitely upgrade to a dragon pickaxe, to help you gain levels even faster than with a rune one, after you get to level 70, you can upgrade your pickaxe and sell your old one for what you bought it for, essentially making it free to use :D
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04-Mar-2019 05:19:13

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Yes, especially with the Mining & Smithing rework, a dragon pickaxe is better than a rune. However, at your level of 76 mining, you really should be using a Necronium+4 or a crystal pickaxe for the best results.


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04-Mar-2019 05:22:51

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UrekMazino said:
You can always sell the pickaxe back in the future, so there's no reason not to upgrade. Unless you put it in your toolbelt of course.

Not quite true, you can now take pickaxes out of the toolbelt again.

04-Mar-2019 14:31:06

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