I think my combat is bugged

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I noticed it recently. While doing slayer tasks I always use soul split and aggro flasks. Well since I downloaded the beta, not saying that's the reason why, my guy wont attack back after I eat some food or pick up something.

I've checked all my settings and they look normal. The only setting change I did when I got the beta was the loot window.

Anyone else having the same problem or know what could be going on?

09-Mar-2019 16:58:17

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If the issue is just happening on mobile, then it's best if you report it on the Reporting Content Issues sticky in the RuneScape Mobile Testing Forum.

If it is still happening when you switch back to your computer, check your auto retaliate setting

and if that is set correctly, submit a [link url= Report[/link].

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09-Mar-2019 17:17:58

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