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Okey I know macroing is bannable if there are some rules being met so I was wondering if I make a program that makes it when i press 1 for example it uses 1 ability then when i use it again it uses another ability with the same key being pressed.
Is that against the rules? So i make a program for example first press simulate key 1 second press simulate key 4 third press simulate key 8 and so on?
If anyone can tell me if its against the rules or not, thank you

06-Mar-2019 01:08:44

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Even with 1 input 1 output it's not safe. You do so at your own risk.

If Jagex ban you then you can't say " omg I got banned for botting ".

Best advice is play the right way. Safe and secure.
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14-Mar-2019 09:13:26

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