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Tuffty said:
If I remember righty if you drop the Red eggs in a line they will follow you to the Red Dragons. Where they will be more then happy to fry them on your behalf.

I remember these from years ago when bots were there. I'm not 100% sure if this still works as I've not been there in a long time.

It's worth trying though as it's funny.

Also there are 2 if not more other places to get the eggs. Thats safe. :P

Thank you. I would probably give it a go too. That would also allow for more time to report them.

17-Jun-2019 20:48:28

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Tuffty said:
Thats what I was thinking too. You lose a few eggs but you get to report them. ;)

Good luck.

Well, if the dragons kill the bots, the eggs should be dropped since it's the Wildy. You cana actually report the bots, lure them away AND take their stuff. If you can find a way to skull-trick them they lose all their eggs instead of all but three.
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