Runescape Email Update Issue

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[#RUZZTSQV6] said:
I did what you listed and it says in a email that my email was successfully change to the new email but when i log in i have to use my old email address

Correct. As was stated on the previous page, the email address that you use to sign into your account with and the email address that is registered to your account for contact purposes are two completely separate things.

The email address that you use to sign into the game is static. It will never change. Even if you change the email registered to your account, the email address used for login will never change. You will never receive an email to this address unless it is also your registered email (explained below).

The email address you can change via your account settings is your 'registered email' - it is used for promotional emails, as well as for account security related things, such as changing your password, disabling the authenticator, and performing an email-based recovery.

Based on your comments here, it sounds like the system is functioning as it is designed to.

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