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Like Jagex, will ya'll ever put Runescape 3 in VR. Like damn imagine just putting your VR on and going to duel arena, or randomly dueling some one for gp while playing in VR. Shoot imagine pulling that AGS out of the bank and swinging it like your actually in game, Or just even puting your prayers on with the movements of your hands while the other person just swings straight at your arms and cancels that prayer. Heck imagine even trying to overload while in VR and they just shoot the potion out your hand and head shot you for mad DPS. Idk Honestly, Runescape should think about VR for stuff like that. Especially just chilling at GE and actually sitting there in your share while doing a sitting emote, or standing while making potions. IDK, But overall, Imagine just going into a mass Event and looking around like damn what do i do, Do i run or do i fight or just enjoy the view of people duking it out with a boss. Even imagine trading someone, and they pull out like a small stall with the stuff in their inventory that they can trade. And you just grab stuff and try it on your avatar. Idk, too much but damn i hope one day this can happen.

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Some stuff looks hideous from up close, and you’ll loose the ability to see your surroundings well. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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