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Zechs Satan
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Zechs Satan

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Hey guys,

I recently got an e-mail from people pretending to be jagex, saying all kinds of stuff about „someone tried to register a new e-mail“ and „there is evidence against for RWT your account“ and trying to get me logging in on a fake RS website. They also tried to copy the e-mail adress, theirs is „“ whilst the real Runescape one is „„.
Always make sure to double check the URL and the e-mail adress you receive something from!! I‘m glad i didnt fall for this but now i wonder where they got my e-mail adress from...
I hope some Mods see this to take action against this or raise awareness..

16-Feb-2019 21:14:29

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Yea this is an old scam, Jagex even has a thread about it in the community led
account help.

But its alway good to make sure pple remember that Jagex wont email you about
bans. Only in your message center.
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16-Feb-2019 23:14:50

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i know iam a bit late with reactimg bit glad i googled the e-mail adress first when jagex sends an e-mail like newpost its with noreply@e this one was noreply@a i was like first wtf i dindt want to change my e-mail adress is someone trying to get on my account but its some stupid spam agian well at least i dindt fall for it
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14-Mar-2019 14:59:54

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I'd love someday to see players phish these phishers back. Choke on their own medicine. .
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14-Mar-2019 15:40:47

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08-Apr-2019 19:09:29

Samora Kiba
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Samora Kiba

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That's a scam, 100% sure. Jagex will never email you to CANCEL a change, only to CONFIRM it. Forward it to ''.

Edit: Oh, this thread gives me an excuse opportunity to show off my new (or rather, renewed) thread: Is this a Jagex email? [Info] :D

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