Burning questions for Skillers

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1) Why did you choose not to train combat?
I have maxed cape (99 in all skills) but I still classify myself as a skiller now because I don't do combat anymore and I find fun in skilling. Little do I care about profits. Fun comes first.

2) Did you wish you'd train your combat skills sometimes?

3) Did you wish you had the ability to do some quests with combat requirements?

4) Had any of you accidentally gained combat xp?

5) What are the main challenges of being a skiller besides combat based?

6) Are your skiller accounts your main accounts or alternate accounts created for a challenge?
I only play on one account

7) Have you ever been called a noob before by anyone, before they found out you had 99 stats for everything else?
I was first to call myself a noob lol.
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