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Bruce Waynes
Oct Member 2019

Bruce Waynes

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Let me share this dream i had last night with you.

I botted for not even 10 minutes and then found myself not banned but isolated to an island with NPCs only. I could still use G.E. and whatnot but no other players, everything i needed was on this island and when i talked to the NPCs they were all take part in Ragnarock! then i found myself in a huge battle.

I think this represents all the battles i will be taking part in while going for quest cape.

I hope you enjoyed my dream.
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lol used to have this dream a dude with a high level crossbow was stalking me on rs and kept finding me in wilderness to pk me. I swear that was like a horror movie.

it looked kinda like a chaotic crossbow and it kept laughing and trying to shoot me like a maniac lol

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