divination in wild

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i had the idea that this was going to dreadful but turns not so much lol more amusing then anything, i'm here for xp being low divination and saves me moving from place to place...been killed a few times not so much a bother as all i collect goes on xp nd i'm here with nothing anyway so no losses.

guy turns up starts attacking i explain i aint a bot and am here for xp only he calls me a noob and a few other choice words (whatever) and in that time someone else runs up kills him calls him and noob and so on rinse repeat atleast 10 times now its been funny as f

15-Jun-2019 04:23:45

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Yep, that's the Wilderness for ya. Gotta assume everybody is out for blood and won't spare you simply because you're not a bot.
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15-Jun-2019 04:28:53

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I went up there the other day just to pick up the engram for the Guthix memorial thing.

Got killed by a pker who probably thought he was disrupting my divination training. But hah joke was on him, just got a quick trip to Edgeville with my engram.

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18-Jun-2019 10:49:57

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